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Post Your Headlines!
This community was inspired by Quoyle from The Shipping News, a novel by E. Annie Proulx. Pretend for a while that your life is newsworthy and write a post using one or more headlines.

For example, if you burned your tongue while drinking coffee, post "Local Man Burns Tongue With Coffee". Did you get bitten by a dog? If so, make a post with multiple headlines, such as "Dog Bites Local Woman. Local Woman Screams At Dog. Dog Flees In Terror." Did you bite a dog? That's even better! Your headlines can be about whatever is or isn't happening in your life, or based on real or fictional events. If you do it right, even the most mundane events will suddenly sound important and newsworthy...or completely daft.

This community is intended to be fun and friendly, but please keep things work safe. Images are fine, but you must include a headline caption! Please do not post spam or community promos here. Comments are disabled to give the community a "Breaking News" feel.

Scoop the competition and post your headlines!
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